MCT oil (Medium-chain triglyceride) contains medium-length chains of a type of fat called triglycerides. As their chains are shorter in length than other triglycerides, MCTs are more readily digested by the body and are capable of passing the Blood/Brain barrier.

MCT oil is typically extracted form organic coconut oil, which is used due to its high level of MCTs. Amazingly at least 50% of the fat contained in coconut oil comes from MCTs. Whilst MCT fats are also found in other places, such as palm oil and dairy products, these are usually at far lower levels and quality. Camden Town CBD only uses MCT derived from Cocunut oil.


The most common types of Triglyceride used to make MCT oils are Caprylic and Capric acid which are selected for their benficial properties. MCT oil has recently become popular among both sports people and the health conscious amongst us.

There are a number of studies currently being carried out to assess the benefit of adding MCT to your diet. The most commonly quoted benefits of MCT are in regulating weight and Mental Health. for information about the benefits of MCT Click Here

Camden Town CBD Oral Drops are made using MCT and Hemp Seed Oils as a carrier.

3000mg Broad Spectrum Oral Drops

1500mg Broad Spectrum Oral Drops