New to CBD?

If you are new to CBD we would always suggest you seek medical advice before starting. Then start off with a small dosage increasing slowly until you achieve your desired effect.

The ideal dosage of CBD depends on many factors such as any existing medical conditions, body weight, physiology, not to mention the strength and type of CBD you’re taking.

What is the best CBD to start with?

We would normally recommend starting with Oral Drops, these are a fast acting & reliable way to take CBD. Oral drops are used sublingually and are absorbed more rapidly than edibles such as Gummies or Soft Capsules. Oral drops pass their active ingredients to the bloodstream through the lining of your mouth and are effective within 15-30 minutes.

Our main range of Broad Spectrum Oral drops has been formulated in 2 strengths 1500mg & 3000mg in a 30ml bottle.

First time users Dosage

We recomend new CBD users to start with a 30ml bottle containing 1500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD (5% CBD) this should be enough for approximately 30 days.

During the first week to allow your body to adjust to absorbing the CBD

  • Fill the included pipette up to 1/4 way
  • Lift your tongue and squirt CBD underneath
  • Hold under tongue for 30 seconds
  • Use twice daily morning & 1 hour before bed time

Dont worry if you use a bit more as it will just pass straight through your system without being absorbed. This starting dosage of 25mg CBD per day is suitable for most people. After 1 week you can double the doseage to 1/2 pippette twice daily morning & 1 hour before bed time.

    If you do not find your desired effect you can increase by 5mg per day. We would not recommend taking more than 70mg per day for new customers without seeking proper advice.

    Our range of 1500mg CBD Oral Drops are suitable for people starting out with CBD for the first time Click Here


    Also check out our sections on the right CBD for you and CBD strengths these sections will help you to understand the best way for using CBD for you.