Why is CBD strength confusing?

There are many different ways that manufacturers use to state the strength of CBD. The use of both 'percentages' and 'mg' tends to confuse new customers. At Camden Town CBD we always tell you the actual amount of CBD in terms of 'mg' (abbreviation for milligram) of active ingredient in your product.

We hope you will find this guide usefull in understanding CBD strength and how CBD is absorbed by the body.

Bottle Sizes

Bottles of CBD come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Some are made of thick glass and others made of plastic. It can be quite daunting when you are in a shop trying to work out which bottle has the most CBD in it! Especially when some products say '5%' and others '1000mg' of active ingredients.

For example would you know which bottle has more CBD ?

a) 30ml Bottle 5%
b) 15ml Bottle 10%
c) 10ml bottle 15%
d) They all have the same


Size % CBD mg CBD
10ml 5% 500mg
15ml 5% 750mg
30ml 5% 1500mg
10ml 10% 1000mg
15ml 10% 1500mg
30ml 10% 3000mg
10ml 15% 1500mg
15ml 15% 2250mg
30ml 15% 4500mg


As you can see from the table all 3 of the bottles contain 1500mg of CBD. The CBD in the smaller 10ml bottle is 3 times stonger than the CBD in the 30 ml bottle only because the the bottle is 3 times smaller.
Some customers prefer to use a concentrated CBD product 1 time per day, whereas others prefer a lower concentration but take their CBD 3 or 4 times per day.


Ways of Consuming CBD

The different ways of taking CBD each allow your body to absorb varying amounts of the active ingredients. We also find the speed your body absorbs CBD will vary greatly according to the way you take it.


Vaping offers a very fast route for absortion of CBD into your system but is not so efficient in absorbing all the CBD. Edibles provide the highest levels of absorbtion but tend to take longer before you feel the effect. Oral Drops offer a good balance between speed and efficiency.


Delivery Speed Efficiency
Vape High Medium
Oral Drops Medium High
Edibles Low High


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