Making the perfect CBD vape

Q - How close to smoking a joint can vaping really be?

Our mixology team has been working on perfecting a legal and healthier alternative to smoking weed. The goal was to craft a product that you could use any time of day and pretty much anywhere that allows you to vape.

Considerations when creating the Shotz Terpenes edition

  1. Throat hit
  2. Vape Clouds
  3. Inital taste
  4. After taste
  5. Chilled & alert

How the vape feels in your throat

Pretty much every E-Liquid uses a blend of VG (Vegetable Glycerene) and PG (Propylene Glycol) as a carrier for the flavour and CBD or nicotine. PG & VG solutions are also widely used in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

In order to recreate the familiar 'Throat Hit' that you get form a joint or spliff we add PG to our E-Liquid. Finding the correct balance between a gentle hit and an annoying cough was our goal. Finding the perfect balance of VG and PG is like Yin & Yang.  

Great clouds of Vape

We weren't trying to compete in the Vape World Championships, but we wanted to give our client's the option to make big clouds of Vape when they wanted. Adding VG lowers the temperature at which Vape is produced and increases the size of your vape clouds. Adding just the right amount creates the perfect balance.

Check out the above YouTube video for examples of world beating vape clouds.

How it tastes when you take that first hit

This is really where the art of Mixology comes in to its own. We took a selection of Terpene profiles from some of the worlds most famous Cannabis strains and recreated them using all natural terpenes. There are actually 15 Tertpenes found in Cannabis, each strain with its own unique signature. The 2 terpenes most commonly found in cannabis are Myrcene & Limonene.

As a result we created a range of 5 Terpenes Edition Shotz for you to choose from:

  • Camden Kush
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Pineapple Express
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • ZSkitlez

Great after taste

We wanted to add undertones to the natural Cannabis terpene flavours that would remain in you mouth after the vape has gone. To achieve this we created flavour bonds which enhance CBD's natural tones and leave your mouth with a great taste for a few minutes after you put down your Vape.

Chilled out yet alert

Lets face it, most of us live and work in stressful enviroments, anything that takes the edge of life's little challenges is truly welcome. Our customers tell us the main reason they take CBD is because it helps them to relax. But what sets CBD appart from smoking Cannabis is you remain alert, you are able to go about your normal life!!

Our range of 1000mg CBD E-Liquids are available in 5 Terpene Flavours

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