CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is made using a variety of different processes such as:

  • Extract - Add solvent typically ethanol to extract the CBD
  • Pressure, heat and Motion
  • CBD separation Distillation
  • Recrystallisation

This process then leaves us with a product that is better than 99.9% pure CBD. CBD Isolate is therefore the purist form of CBD that you can buy, which makes it the ideal choice for vaping.

The downside to creating such a pure product is that you lose all of the other compounds that are found in Cannabis Sativa / the Hemp Plant. Typically the better quality Oral Drops or CBD Oils use Broad Spectrum CBD instead.

But for the vaping purist you cannot beat the smoothness of CBD isolate. We use CBD Isolate in the following products:

1000mg E-Liqiud 30ml

1000mg E-Liquid 100ml

2500mg E-Liquid 100ml